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Hydrogen: The clean fuel of the future

Hydrogen can be used as a fuel for various vehicles. Since the only by-product is water, hydrogen is cleaner than regular fuels such as diesel or petrol. Another advantage is the higher efficiency, so that in general, less fuel is needed. We as Resato support the development of the hydrogen economy with our different refuelling stations. For those stations, a safe operation is guaranteed through high-pressure tests on the hydrogen tanks and on all station components.

Services & Solutions

We are developing hydrogen refueling stations to tackle the "chicken and egg" dilemma and putting the foundations for a more sustainable world.

Hydrogen Refueling
We provide refueling solutions for cars, trucks, buses en other markets
Renewable Energy
We enable zero-emission mobility with back-to-back refueling
Highly efficient, reliable and safe hydrogen refueling technologies
Powering the transition to hydrogen mobility
Long service life combining ease of use with low maintenance.
Made for the energytransition
Growing markets have a need for scalability. To enable you to develop a hydrogen refueling network, we offer two different station concepts that complement each other.
Safety as highest priority
Risk assessments are carried out to identify the ATEX zones on the installation and to give confidence to your operators and users.

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"To improve our customer's business by providing them with High Pressure technology, products and systems that meet or exceed their expectations."

Our refueling projects

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Client Testimonials

“At the moment I still often explain how it works. In five years’ time, I won’t have to, and by 2030 many people will be driving on hydrogen.”
Vriend BV
Tom van Engelen, CEO Vriend BV
"Did a stress test the day before opening. 9 cars refuelled in a row. Then waited 35 minutes and refuelled 9 cars again in 40 minutes. Total of 17 cars in 2h15m. No frozen nozzle and all refills over 95% SOC. The future is NOW!"
Resato International
Rob Castien, CEO Resato International
"A filling station must be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has to be easily accessible, at a good through location. We have that now. We are on Bornholmstraat near the ring road. It is designed so that you can park here not only with your car, but also with a truck."
Hyzon Holthausen
Carl Holthausen, CEO Hyzon Holthausen