High Capacity Station

Refueling of passenger cars (LDV) and trucks (HDV)

The Hydrogen Refueling Station type FSS (Full-Sized Station) is designed as a public Fast Fill Hydrogen Refuel Station (HRS) for the developing hydrogen mobility market.

Adapting to the predicted future of hydrogen mobility refueling demand, Resato has made his compression technology available by means of large capacity public Hydrogen Refuel Stations. Having its origin in high demand 24/7, high flow/high pressure hydrogen testing applications, refuel station owners benefit from reliability, focus on OPEX and after-sales support. The Resato FSS-series public refuel stations provide a regular petrol refuel experience for hydrogen vehicles. With a standard capacity of 1000 kg/day already available at low supply pressures, the design is in the top range of commercially available HRS worldwide. The high compression capacity available at low pressures allows continuous back to back refueling of LDV’s and multiple HDV refuelings in a short time frame.


Refueling Pressure
700 bar and 350 bar
On-site storage, tube trailer, electrolyzer
Flow capacity
>1000 kg/day

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable is made possible by the use of a Resato compression technology for 700 and/or 350 bar refueling
  • Flexible hydrogen supply via bottle rack system, tube trailer, electrolyzer or pipeline. Supply pressure range between 10 and 500 bar.
  • Refueling according the SAE 2601 protocol
  • IFSF payment protocol for connection to cash registersystems.
  • Future proof investment, ready for hydrogen market >2025
  • Energy efficient
  • Profitable business case due to high refueling capacity and focus on OPEX
  • Cooling system meeting the market green expectation (GWP <3)

Risk Assesment – ATEX
Hydrogen refueling stations have to be safe to use. Therefore, a common risk assessment is used that results in the certification. Our experience in the oil & gas industry gives us extensive knowledge in certifying our products for safety and reliability.

Hydrogen Expert
The hydrogen supply for the station is versatile. It is possible to connect gas bottles, a tube trailer, or an electroyzer to the station. The modular design of the gas booster makes a change in the supply at a later stage simple and cost-e