Ultra High Capacity Station

Ultra-high-capacity hydrogen refueling tankstation

Resato Hydrogen Technology launched the Ultra-High-capacity hydrogen refueling station in collaboration with Van Halteren Technologies. The collaboration between these Dutch technology driven companies make it possible to have unlimited back-to-back refueling for both HDV and LDV.

The H2 Direct system is based on a modular set up which makes it perfectly scalable for future expansion when demand increases. The core of our system is built with a hydraulic system which supplies the energy to the different compressor stages. A modular set of intensifiers compresses the hydrogen up to 350 and/or 700 bar. Based on the power of the hydraulic system it can supply different capacities, from 2.000 up to 11.400 kg per day.

This is a disruptive solution for the heavy-duty mobility market compared to existing systems. The pressurized hydrogen can be immediately fueled throughout multiple dispensers. Also, the hydrogen can be stored and transported via tube trailers to refueling stations or other industrial applications. Due to the ultra-high-capacity and the variety of pressures, the modular system is ideal for fueling large volumes with multiple dispensers.


With our system, busses, trucks, and cars can be refueled simultaneously. With high performance capabilities and fewer moving parts, the system only requires yearly maintenance intervals instead of monthly maintenance intervals. This significantly reduces downtime and reduces operational expenditure.

The optional installed power management system is designed to control and modulate the power supply. The grid connection will be minimalized through peak shaving. Therefore, you will also improve energy efficiency while reducing costs in a sustainable way. Hydrogen direct compression system is smarter, and more efficient than any other system available on the market

Ultra High Capacity
2.000 up to 11.400 kg/day
Possibility to scale up when demand increases
Continious back-to-back refueling
Refueling multiple vehicles

Features & Benefits

  • The first of its kind, H2direct is an ultra-high-capacity direct compression system enabling back-to-back refueling of hydrogen vehicles and vessels.
  • The system’s linear units compress the hydrogen at the time of refueling.
  • Delivering the gas according to the fueling protocol and eliminating the need for intermediate storage between the compressor and the dispenser.
  • Hydrogen direct compression system is smarter, and more efficient than any other system available on the market.

Van Halteren Technologies Boxtel
Van Halteren Technologies provides high-tech products and services, not only to industrial customers but also to governments around the world. The company has extensive engineering capabilities specialized in drive and control technology, continuously investing in new technologies and product innovations. With this knowledge, Van Halteren Technologies developed the H2 Direct hydrogen compression system.

Enabling zero-emission transportation
Fast and efficient hydrogen refueling plays a key part in the fossil-free future of transportation. To get there we need safe and sustainable ways of storing and compressing hydrogen for refueling. However, pressurized hydrogen storage tends to be complicated and costly, creating delays between refuels. So, we applied our extensive hydraulics expertise to create a new standard for hydrogen compression.