Enabling zero-emission mobility together

The energy transition to a greener world.

Our Vision

Resato has developed hydrogen filling stations to tackle the ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma: there is a lack of hydrogen filling stations due to a shortage of hydrogen cars, and vice versa.

Resato’s vision is to meet this challenge with compact and efficient refuelling solutions that support the development of a hydrogen economy. For smaller hydrogen-powered vehicle fleets, such as cars and buses, hydrogen is still not readily available. By developing a compact and cost-efficient refuelling station (Fleet Owner Station), the first step has been taken to break through the high investment and make it possible for companies with fleets to refuel with hydrogen. This way, the number of hydrogen filling points can be increased. When demand grows, the compact stations can be replaced by a centrally located public station. This makes it easy to expand the network by relocating the compact filling stations.


Key milestones of Resato Hydrogen Technology

Resato is a Dutch based provider of smart high pressure solutions expanding in the hydrogen market


The launch of the Ultra High Capacity Station

Building two hydrogen stations for Holthausen Northern Netherlands

First public hydrogen filling station in Germany with The APEX Group

Awarded with a subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund ERDF

First Dutch full sized hydrogen refueling station for The Hague

Opened first hydrogen refueling station in the Northern Netherlands from PitPoint

Developed Hydrogen Booster

Winner of the Erasmus Innovation Award

Pindustry acquires a majority share in Resato

Founding of Resato

Purpose & Values

The energy transition is an integral part towards a more sustainable and greener world. As an excellent energy carrier, hydrogen plays an important role in this transition process.

It is a medium that can be the connecting key between the energy network, the heating network and the transport and distribution network. A green hydrogen economy can only be achieved by uniting hydrogen production, markets, infrastructure and society. Therefore, the continuous and interdependent development of these factors is crucial. One of the most important areas of development are electric fuel cell vehicles. They are a sustainable addition and also very suitable for bridging long distances at a fast filling time. A future with hydrogen requires reliable and safe high pressure systems and components.


My whole career has been about high-tech products and systems, and international business. In Resato these aspects come perfectly together and I have been able to add company ownership to the mix. It has been a privilege to lead the Resato team to growth and I hope we can continue to build a great company that truly helps in making our customers successful. The next step we have taken is to contribute to a sustainable future with our hydrogen technology. We are enabling the zero-emission mobility sector with our hydrogen refueling stations.
Resato Hydrogen Technology
Rob Castien, CEO Resato Hydrogen Technology

Resato most sustainable company in Drenthe

Resato from Assen has been named The Most Sustainable Company of Drenthe. Resato is a producer and supplier of smart high-pressure solutions, with the aim of increasing the productivity of its customers worldwide.

Mark Tuit, jury chairman of The Sustainable Drenthe Event, calls Resato the rightful winner. "Sustainability is in Resato's DNA. Resato's entry about the hydrogen filling points was already very good, but they do much more than that." Tuit explains that Resato's premises in Assen are completely sustainable, that they pay attention to the vitality of their employees and that they mainly buy in the Northern Netherlands. For the jury of The Sustainable Drenthe Event there was therefore no doubt who should win this latest edition of the prize. Mark Tuit: "All in all, we as jury could not ignore Resato. Resato is an ambassador for sustainability in Drenthe. And therefore the rightful winner of this event.

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