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More and more hydrogen-powered vehicles are appearing on the roads. Not surprisingly, as hydrogen is seen as one of the most important alternative energy carriers. More and more individuals and companies are therefore considering switching to hydrogen as a fuel. Unfortunately, the infrastructure for hydrogen filling points is still lagging behind demand.

This offers opportunities for people who want to invest in the future. Both for the current filling station owners who would like to expand their filling station with a hydrogen filling point and also for companies who would like to build a hydrogen filling station on their own site for their own fleet of vehicles.

We, as Resato, wholeheartedly support the development of this hydrogen economy. Resato has already supplied several filling stations and we see the opportunities that a hydrogen economy offers us. In addition, we are convinced of the advantages of hydrogen. Furthermore, hydrogen can be transported via cars, pipelines or generated on location with an electrolyzer. This allows the network to grow quickly, sustainably and economically.

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