AFIR Compliant Solutions

 We are pleased to inform you about the new Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR). This regulation sets mandatory deployment targets for electric charging and hydrogen filling infrastructure within the European Union. Resato Hydrogen Technology is already prepared for this regulation and we would like to show you how our technology can help you realise your hydrogen refueling projects.

About the AFIR Regulation

The aim of the scheme is to have a comprehensive and user-friendly alternative fuels infrastructure available in the European Union from 2030. This will enable the use of zero-emission vehicles, especially electric and hydrogen vehicles.

The AFIR scheme establishes that a hydrogen filling station should be placed in all urban nodes and along every 200 km of TEN-T core network in the European union. This should create a dense enough network for hydrogen vehicles to travel smoothly throughout the EU.

Hydrogen refuelling stations must meet a minimum capacity of 1,000KG per day and a minimum delivery pressure of 700 bar, according to the AFIR scheme.

Resato Hydrogen Technology – Ready for the furture

At Resato Hydrogen Technology, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of hydrogen technology. Our products are already AFIR-compliant. With our High Capacity Station (FSS), we can already refuel 2,000 kg of hydrogen daily on 700 bars, allowing hydrogen vehicles to refuel efficiently at all times.

Whether for passenger cars, delivery vans or trucks, our refuelling station is designed to meet our customers needs and make your hydrogen project a success.

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