MC Formula

Resato Hydrogen Technology has optimized the refueling of compressed hydrogen with MC Formula. Resato Hydrogen Technology is hereby the first company in Europe to apply MC Formula and has already started using it.

Fast and efficient hydrogen fueling is an important part of the carbon-free future of transportation. To get there, we need safe and sustainable ways to store and compress hydrogen for refueling. MC Formula is a method that allows a hydrogen refueling station to directly and accurately calculate the temperature at the end of the filling in a hydrogen tank. Resato’s MC Formula ensures an optimal filling compared to the traditional way of refueling hydrogen. Thanks to MC Formula, refueling is faster, more efficient and even more refuels per hour are possible.

Check our flawless refueling experience including MC Formula below.

Development of MC Formula

The big challenge for hydrogen refueling is that the hydrogen tank heats up during the refueling. The traditional way of refueling hydrogen calculates the refueling pressure in combination with these factors in advance, using static tables. In order to optimize the refueling process, Resato has applied and optimized the MC Formula. Resato’s MC Formula carefully calculates these factors during a refueling operation by means of a dynamic calculation. Since Resato’s MC Formula takes these factors into account, it is possible to fill up your tank consistently fuller than the traditional way of hydrogen refueling. This allows H2 drivers to always drive your maximum kilometers on a tank.

Advantages MC Formula

MC Formula offers many advantages for refueling hydrogen. MC Formula makes faster refueling with a consistently higher fill rate (up to 100% state of charge) achievable at each refueling, compared to other methods. With the MC Formula protocol, hydrogen vehicles can be reliably refueled at both low and high ambient temperatures. In addition, MC Formula provides higher uptime and fewer aborted refueling events as current experience often shows, resulting in more customers to serve and a better customer experience.

Successful refueling test

The hydrogen refueling station in Belgium is the first station in Europe to officially operate MC Formula. In the meantime, a refueling test has taken place with MC Formula. The validation tool of Honda and Wenger indicates that this has been a perfect refueling. The refueling had started at 50 bar and in 2 minutes and 45 seconds the hydrogen car was filled to 100%. The development of MC Formula will greatly improve the customer experience. With our hydrogen refueling system, buses, trucks and cars can be refueled at the same time.

First within Europe
Resato was the first within Europe to publicly deploy MC-Formula.
Energy Transfer
Energy transfer per second during an H2 refueling at a Resato station can be 16 times greater than electrical charging.
Lifting Force
The force required for compressing hydrogen, can easily lift 25 vehicles.

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