Contracts are concluded between Hypion and Resato

Hydrogen filling station for heavy-duty traffic coming to Neumünster

Under the leadership of Hypion GmbH, is starting the implementation of the first Hypion hydrogen filling station for heavy-duty traffic in the South Industrial Estate in Neumünster with today's signing of the order for the filling station technology with Resato Hydrogen Technology BV from the Netherlands.

After two years of preparation with concept and project development, the implementation will now start immediately. To this end, Hypion and Resato, as the qualified technology supplier for the hydrogen filling station, have signed a corresponding supply contract. The aim is to be able to offer the companies of the Neumünster H2 hub from the logistics, trade and construction industries the first refueling in the second quarter of 2023.

The German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport is supporting the overall project. For example, d he partners in the Neumünster H2 Hub received federal funding for their part at the beginning of the year to procure the first heavy trucks in Germany based on fuel cell electric drives. "Together, a holistic system - independent of fossil energy yields - is being established. It includes the procurement of green hydrogen, logistics and distribution at filling stations, right up to its application in heavy vehicles," explains Dr. Stefan Rehm, who is responsible for the project at Hypion GmbH. "Only with a new scale of several hundred kilograms of H2 sales per day can economic viability be achieved. The project ideally provides a relevant impulse to introduce clean freight transport with green hydrogen in the market."

In addition to the signing of the contract to order the filling station technology, a letter of intent has been signed between Hypion and Resato. "We confirm our intention to establish a network of at least 10 heavy-duty hydrogen refueling stations in Schleswig-Holstein and Northern Germany and to do so with proven partners," says Harro Possel, CEO of Hypion. Robert Castien, CEO of Resato, adds, "Resato is committed to becoming a world leader in hydrogen refueling technologies. Hypion's projects are of strategic importance in this regard."

An important step towards climate protection - Made in Schleswig-Holstein

Each player in the build integrated hydrogen economy shows its commitment to the future and climate protection. Together, all players are investing tens of millions of euros to establish a first site on a new scale and sustainably drive the decarbonization of transportation systems. Further vehicles are planned so that 5 million heavy-duty kilometers and thus a future CO2 reduction of more than 3,700 tons of CO2 per year can be achieved via the public, high-performance and reliable tank infrastructure. The pollutant emission-free transports will be designed in such a way that they are economically competitive in the transport industry. This project at the Neumünster transport hub in Schleswig-Holstein should today be an invitation to the transport industry to get started with green transports.

Hypion GmbH

Hypion is involved in building integrated green hydrogen economies to supply mobility, industry, buildings and the electricity market with clean energy. The sectors are thereby energetically coupled via sustainable hydrogen and a systematic linking of specific location factors. Already today, the economic use based on H2 as a material energy storage, energy carrier or basic material in the industrial sector can succeed. Hypion's core competence as a specialist for the green hydrogen economy today lies in implementation-oriented project engineering. To ensure the overall value chain, Hypion will actively participate in infrastructure investments.
Hypion is a young joint venture company of the engineering office IPP Projects GmbH, the development agency Region Heide AöR, EDF Deutschland GmbH and HanseWerk AG.

Resato Hydrogen Technology BV

Resato Hydrogen Technology is a Dutch and leading technology provider for hydrogen infrastructure. Our tank solutions for cars, trucks and buses with 350 or 700 bar, are based on more than 30 years of experience in high pressure technology. The compression of gases, under extreme conditions with up to 14,000 bar, is our daily business. With almost 30 public as well as private hydrogen refueling stations in Europe, we are a reliable partner for sustainable business, constantly evolving with the market and making solutions even better.

Resato aims to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and end users. Together with hydrogen refueling station operators, mature offerings with compelling technology are made available. The ambition is to provide users with a flawless refueling experience and to lead the way as a sustainable company.

Resato focused on sustainability, safety and efficiency as we move toward a greener future.

Creating emission-free mobility together.