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PS Energi and Resato close deal for two large hydrogen refueling stations in South-Sweden

Resato and PS Energi close deal to enable Heavy Duty Vehicle (HDV) hydrogen refueling stations in South-Sweden and choose Euromekanik to be their local partner for project management, customer support and station maintenance.

This week the deal closed for the deployment of two heavy duty stations in 2023 with an order value of 47 million SEK and with the intent to open at least ten more. The top-notch hydrogen refueling stations for these projects are respectively 1500 and 2000kg per day, which can be considered to be Hydrogen refueling stations at the high end of the European market.

This project’s aim is to make green hydrogen available for heavy duty transport 350/700 bar starting with two filling stations in Ljungby and Oskarshamn. PS Energi believes that green hydrogen will be an important piece of the puzzle in the transition of the country's transport sector from fossil fuels to fossil-free alternatives. The company wants to be part of this transition, partly through their goal to build at least 10 hydrogen stations in southern Sweden by 2030 in cooperation with Resato.

PS Energi is an energy and fuel company founded in 2001. With approximately 80 fueling stations and 15 tankers, PS Energi serves all types of customers in southern Sweden with their needs for energy, fuel, lubricants and chemical products.

As a fuel company, it is their vision to be a sustainable and responsible alternative in a challenging industry and, when given the opportunity, be a vital part of society. Therefore, they are preparing for the future by clearly focusing on a transformation green investments and efforts. They are doing this not only to ensure a strong position in the market of the future, but also because they feel the urge to take their responsibility. ‘’The professionalism of Resato is what immediately appealed to me, in combination with their long experience this feels to me like a solid fundament for a future partnership’’ Magnus Sjöö – Managing Director of PS Energi AB.

The two stations which will be deployed in 2023, and will be operating at two main highway roads in Sweden for heavy duty transport, E4 and E22.

“We are excited to roll out our HRS technology together with PS Energi in Sweden. The DNA of both companies match, and this is the start of joint “greenification” in Sweden.”, says Rob Castien – CEO of Resato Hydrogen Technology.

Euromekanik as local partner
Resato has chosen Euromekanik as their local partner in Sweden to deal with project management, customer support and station maintenance. Euromekanik is an established company within the energy gas sector that has experience both with the technology for refueling systems, as well as the regulatory aspects related to safety and permits in Sweden. This makes Resato and Euromekanik a very good team to support customers in their HRS projects. “We are very happy about our strategic partnership with Resato, being able to bring both technology and competence into the renewable energy market.” Peter Rydebrink – Managing Director of Euromekanik

Creating zero-emission mobility together.
Fast and efficient hydrogen refueling plays a key part in the fossil-free future of logistics. To get there we need safe and sustainable ways of storing and compressing hydrogen for refueling.

PS Energi AB
PS Energi is an energy and fuel company in southern Sweden that focuses on local connection, sustainability and personal service. By never compromising on quality, knowledge or service, they have the best customer satisfaction in southern Sweden. We operate in a tough industry with big challenges. At the same time, it is precisely in our industry that we can really make a difference and we want to do just that. That's why we're now preparing for the future. https://psenergi.se

Euromekanik AB
Euromekanik has been supplying equipment and systems to the gas and process industries since 1974. With our technical know-how, our strong brands and our good after-sales service, we want to create long-term relationships with our customers. https://www.euromekanik.se/

Resato Hydrogen Technology BV
Resato Hydrogen Technology is a Dutch technology leader that supports the development of the hydrogen economy with their Hydrogen Refueling Stations. It is our mission to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and end-users. We want to provide the best business tool for hydrogen refueling station owners, provide their users with a flawless refueling experience and be a top-notch sustainable company.  We are on our way to a greener future with a focus on sustainability, safety and efficiency. www.resato-hydrogen.com