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Hydrogen Refueling Station in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern goes into operation

Green hydrogen for trucks, buses, and cars is now available around the clock from the APEX Group in Rostock-Laage - logistics companies and transport operators benefit

On Friday 21 October 2022, the first hydrogen refueling station for heavy-duty transport in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern officially went into operation in Rostock-Laage. In the presence of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Tourism and Labor MV, Reinhard Meyer, the Managing Director of APEX Group, Peter Rößner, performed the symbolic first refueling of a truck. The facility, which is open around the clock, enables, e.g. transport and logistics companies to refuel their vehicles at a public refueling station and by doing so they can transport passengers and goods without emissions. Hydrogen-powered passenger cars can also be refueled at this refueling station. The investment volume for this facility amounts to approximately three million euros.

The site at Rostock-Laage Airport is in the immediate vicinity of the A19 freeway and the A20 interchange. Rostock's overseas port can also be reached in just 30 minutes. The fuel used is green hydrogen, produced on-site by the APEX Group from its electrolysis process in a climate-neutral manner. The daily capacity of the refueling station is approximately 450 kgs. Two heavy-duty vehicles and three passenger cars can be refueled back-to-back.

For refueling heavy-duty vehicles with hydrogen (large quantities in a short time), a pressure of 350 bar is required. For passenger cars, the pressure is 700 bar, so different fueling pumps are used for the two vehicle classes. The tank capacity of a bus or truck is about 37.5 kg, which corresponds to a range of 350 to 400 km. For passenger cars, a tank capacity of about 5 kgs. results in a range of up to 500 km. The cost of one kg of green hydrogen is 12.85 EUR, so the full refueling of a heavy-duty vehicle costs around 475 EUR, and that of a passenger car around 65 EUR.

With the construction of the hydrogen refueling station, APEX Group is expanding the fuel supply in the transport sector in a climate-friendly way. The operation of hydrogen-powered vehicles does not cause pollutants or emissions.

"Hydrogen is a very promising future technology. In areas where traffic cannot be avoided, it can help to noticeably reduce CO2 emissions," said Economics Minister Reinhard Meyer at the official commissioning of the plant. "We are pleased to take a pioneering step toward building the necessary infrastructure here in Rostock-Laage by opening the first hydrogen refueling station for heavy-duty traffic in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern."

"Hydrogen technology has a decisive role to play in the spread of electromobility. And this technology is ready for the market," emphasized APEX Group CEO Peter Rößner. "High ranges, short refueling times, and good on-site storage capabilities are important criteria for this. In addition, refueling hydrogen is just as easy as with conventional vehicles. As one of the pioneers of the green energy turnaround, we at APEX are naturally pleased to be the first to set up a refueling station with green hydrogen for heavy-duty transport in our state."


About APEX Group:

APEX Group is one of the pioneers of the green energy transition. APEX Group. The company, headquartered in Rostock-Laage, enables its customers to convert their own and conventional energy supplies to green hydrogen in a decentralized manner. APEX provides support in project development, procurement and construction as well as management and maintenance. In recent years, the APEX Group has developed its own hydrogen pressure storage systems together with the Fraunhofer Institute to ensure a reliable supply. Together with established research institutions (especially the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis), the Rostock-based company is currently developing the next major innovation: the chemical storage of hydrogen. In May 2021, the company commissioned the largest grid-connected hydrogen plant in Europe at that time. This will enable the APEX Group to supply the company site and, in the future, the adjacent industrial park completely CO2-neutral. In June 2022, APEX Group was awarded the contract to build a ten-megawatt electrolysis plant for EWE AG & swb AG in Bremen to put ArcelorMittal's steelworks there on the path to CO2-neutral steel production. The pilot project to decarbonize the steel industry is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

The APEX Group has already received several awards for its pioneering work. In 2021, the company won the German Renewable Award in the "Hydrogen Innovation of the Year" category. In 2020, under the patronage of Hamburg's mayor Dr. Peter Tschentscher, the APEX Group received the "Maker of the Year" award in the "Future" category.


Resato Hydrogen Technology BV

Resato Hydrogen Technology is a Dutch technology leader that supports the development of the hydrogen economy with their Hydrogen Refueling Stations. With more than 30 years of experience in high-pressure technology, Resato has the expertise to bring hydrogen under the correct pressure even under extreme conditions. Resato has both deployed privately owned stations and public stations throughout Europe.

It is our mission to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and end-users. We want to provide the best business tool for hydrogen refueling station owners, provide their users with a flawless refueling experience and be a top-notch sustainable company.

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