Skellefteå Kraft and Resato close the deal for two Hydrogen refueling stations in Northern Sweden

Resato and Skellefteå Kraft close the deal for the deployment of two heavy duty refueling stations in 2023 with an order value of 54 million SEK. The top-notch hydrogen refueling stations for these projects are respectively 1500kg per day, which can be considered to be hydrogen refueling stations at the high end of the European market.

This project’s aim is to make green hydrogen available for heavy duty transport 350/700 bar starting with two refueling stations in Umeå and Storuman. For both the projects the Hydrogen refueling stations will be adapted for winter climate conditions down to minus 40 degrees Celsius which makes these projects unique in the hydrogen refueling world.

Resato is working together with Euromekanik and Oazer AB as their local partners. Euromekanik will be the partner for project management and customer support, where Oazer AB will focus on climate adaptions and maintenance for the hydrogen refueling stations. The two stations which will be deployed in 2023 and will be positioned along E4 (Umeå) and E12/E45 (Storuman) which are important highway corridors in the North region of Sweden. The station in Umeå will be located at an already existing OKQ8 station, whereas in Storuman a new unmanned station is built in cooperation with OKQ8 who also provides an open and seamless payment experience.

Both projects will be realized via Energimyndigheten funding program which is intended to stimulate the roll out of hydrogen refueling stations in Sweden.

”Skellefteå Kraft wants to contribute to the energy transition for sustainable transportation. We are still in a very early stage regarding hydrogen but Skellefteå Kraft thinks that renewable hydrogen is a possibility and a part of the solution to the energy- and climate change”, says Joachim Nordin, CEO of Skellefteå Kraft.

Sustainability is about contributing to positive social development in the best possible way, with a focus on sustainable energy supply, electrification and mobility. Locally, regionally and for all of Sweden.

“We have already gained foothold on Swedish ground with our Hydrogen refueling stations and are very proud to announce our collaboration with Skellefteå Kraft for the Northern part of Sweden which is off course a challenging environment due to the winter weather conditions.” says Rob Castien – CEO of Resato Hydrogen Technology.

“Working with Resato and Oazer to establish high quality hydrogen refueling stations for Skellefteå Kraft is an important step in our ambition to contribute to the hydrogen economy. We look forward to bringing both technology and competence into the project” says Peter Rydebrink – Managing Director of Euromekanik AB

”OAZER AB put up our first small HRS in Umeå 5 years ago and had hoped to be able to establish a larger public HRS many years ago. We are therefore now very pleased to finally be able to participate in this great project, both in Umeå and Storuman” says Boh Westerlund – CEO of Oazer AB

Creating zero-emission mobility together. 

Skellefteå Kraft

Skellefteå Kraft is a driving force in working for a sustainable future. We invest in renewable energy and research, while maintaining sustainability at the heart of our work. Today we supply electricity to the entire country, which we primarily produce in the northern part of Sweden. We produce electricity from renewable energy sources, the major part of the electricity comes from hydropower and wind power.

Skellefteå Kraft’s activities consist of more than just energy. We also have our own power transmission and distribution network, premises, and energy and maintenance services. In addition, we provide fiber optic broadband.


Skellefteå Kraft has a leading role within e-mobility and the transition in the transport sector. The refueling stations in Umeå and Storuman are a collaboration between Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8.

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OKQ8 Scandinavia

OKQ8 Scandinavia has operations in Sweden and Denmark and is one of Scandinavia's largest fuel companies. We are a committed, customer-oriented and sustainability-focused organization with approximately 5,000 employees. Our goal is to be climate neutral in our own operations by 2030 and throughout the value chain by 2045 by driving the development of more climate – and environmentally friendly fuels and products. OKQ8 Scandinavia has approximately 1,000 service stations, our own bank and one of the market's strongest corporate offerings.


Euromekanik AB

Euromekanik has been supplying equipment and systems to the gas and process industries since 1974. With our technical know-how, our strong brands and our good after-sales service, we want to create long-term relationships with our customers.


Oazer AB (publ.)

Oazer established the first Hydrogen Refueling Station in Umeå, Northern Sweden on January 2018. The company provides hydrogen systems adapted to subarctic and arctic climates to customers/partners who want to achieve zero-emission solutions.

During the years Oazer has gained important knowledge and experience in design, construction, production, maintenance and service of Hydrogen Refueling Stations adapted for the Nordic climate.

As a hydrogen refueling company, their vision is to offer faster, easier and more cost-effective ways to embrace the technology shift towards zero-emission. Oazers scalable, flexible and climate-friendly concepts are easy to adapt to the society and customers’ needs.


Resato Hydrogen Technology BV

Resato Hydrogen Technology is a Dutch technology leader that supports the development of the hydrogen economy with their Hydrogen Refueling Stations. It is our mission to be technology leader and to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and end-users. We want to provide the best business tool for hydrogen refueling station owners, provide their users with a flawless refueling experience and be a top-notch sustainable company.  We are on our way to a greener future with a focus on sustainability, safety and efficiency.