GP JOULE and Resato Hydrogen Technology announce collaboration to build network of Hydrogen Refueling Stations in Germany.

GP JOULE is the leading integrated energy supplier operating in all parts of the renewable energy value chain – from generating to using energy. Resato Hydrogen Technology is leading manufacturer of Hydrogen Refueling Stations. Both companies share the drive to put innovations for a better future into practice. So a project with the goal of implementing a comprehensive network of Hydrogen Refueling Stations for the clean mobility of heavy-duty vehicles in Germany fits perfectly with their pioneering spirit.

“For the sustainable transformation in transport, we can’t just rely on new vehicles, we also need to provide the necessary refueling infrastructure,” says André Steinau, Managing Director at GP JOULE HYDROGEN, “so we look forward to working with an innovative partner to further decarbonize heavy-duty transport in Germany and to offer our customers all the components for climate-neutral heavy-duty transport from a single source: from the production and purchase of green hydrogen to the Hydrogen Refueling Stations to the fuel cell trucks.”

“Our goal is to establish a nationwide network of refueling stations throughout Germany. The number of hydrogen filling stations will be based on the needs of our customers, the attractiveness of potential locations and the possibilities for local production of green hydrogen. The refueling stations themselves will be able to refuel at least one ton of hydrogen per day and will be modularly expandable. Here, too, we are guided by the needs of our customers.“ (Jörg Starr, GP JOULE HYDROGEN)

Creating zero-emission mobility together.

Fast and efficient hydrogen refueling plays a key part in the fossil-free future of mobility. To get there we need safe and sustainable ways of storing and compressing hydrogen for refueling.


As an integrated energy supplier, GP JOULE is active in all areas of the energy value chain: from generating to using energy, from consulting to financing and project planning to construction and service. GP JOULE produces and markets wind and solar power, green hydrogen and heat and makes use of it where it is most effective: in electric and hydrogen-based mobility, in households and in industry. GP JOULE has been shaping the future of energy in Europe from Germany since 2009. With the aim of delivering a secure, independent and sustainable supply of energy and the vision of 100 % renewable energy for all. GP JOULE was awarded the German Mobility Prize 2022 for the hydrogen mobility project eFarm.

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Resato Hydrogen Technology BV

Resato Hydrogen Technology is a Dutch technology leader that supports the development of the hydrogen economy with their Hydrogen Refueling Stations. It is our mission to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and end-users. We want to provide the best business tool for hydrogen refueling station owners, provide their users with a flawless refueling experience and be a top-notch sustainable company. We are on our way to a greener future with a focus on sustainability, safety, and efficiency.

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