Resato production facility

Resato Hydrogen Technology opens new production facility to support growing demand for hydrogen technology

Resato Hydrogen Technology opens new production facility to support growing demand for hydrogen technology

Resato Hydrogen Technology, leading manufacturer of Hydrogen Refueling Stations, is pleased to announce the opening of a new production facility. This expansion enables Resato to better support the growing demand for Hydrogen Refueling Stations and meet the needs of customers worldwide.


With the energy transition in full swing and increasing focus on sustainable energy sources, the demand for hydrogen as a clean fuel is growing exponentially. Resato has played a significant role in the development of hydrogen technology. The new addition to the manufacturing facility doubles our production capacity and improves the overall flow of our production processes. The expansion was fueled by the continued growth we have witnessed in recent years. This will be the third Resato location to open in Assen.


The opening of the new production facility highlights Resato’s continued commitment to driving the hydrogen economy and delivering reliable and sustainable solutions. It also enables the company to better serve its global customer base and meet the growing demand for hydrogen technology in various sectors.


“The opening of our new production facility marks a significant milestone for Resato Hydrogen Technology,” Rob Castien, CEO of Resato. “We are excited about the opportunities this expansion brings. With our advanced production capacity, we can provide our customers with high-quality hydrogen equipment and contribute to the further development of the hydrogen economy. We remain committed to innovation and sustainability and look forward to the positive impact we can have on the global energy transition.”


In addition to expanding its production capacity, Resato is also seeking enthusiastic colleagues who want to contribute to the further development of hydrogen technology. The company offers various positions in engineering, production, sales, and service. Resato values an inspiring work environment where employees are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge.


About Resato Hydrogen Technology

Resato Hydrogen Technology is a Dutch technology leader that supports the development of the hydrogen economy with their Hydrogen Refueling Stations. It is our mission to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and end-users. We want to provide the best business tool for hydrogen refueling station owners, provide their users with a flawless refueling experience and be a top-notch sustainable company. We are on our way to a greener future with a focus on sustainability, safety, and efficiency.


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