Deventer, Netherlands welcomes cutting-edge H2Refuel Public Station

Deventer, Netherlands welcomes cutting-edge H2Refuel Public Station for Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty Vehicles, a collaboration between TotalEnergies and Resato Hydrogen Technology.

Deventer, Netherlands – 03-10-2023 - Resato Hydrogen Technology proudly announces its collaboration with TotalEnergies for the construction of a Hydrogen Refueling Station in Deventer.

This state-of-the-art AFIR compliant station for quick (parallel) Hydrogen refueling of Heavy-Duty Vehicles with tank sizes > 60 kg of both 700 bar and 350 bar, addresses the diverse needs of the growing hydrogen-powered vehicle market. As outcome of a stringent supplier selection with focus on technology, a five-year framework agreement between Resato and TotalEnergies is signed, whereas Deventer will be the first station to be built.


Cutting-Edge Technology: The FSS 700/350 HDV represents a pioneering infrastructure project, harnessing Resato Hydrogen Technology's cutting-edge high-pressure compression technology.

Flexibility and Scalability: What sets this station apart is its flexibility and scalability. Thanks to its modular design, the station can easily adapt to evolving market demands by incorporating add-on modules, ensuring it remains a future-proof investment for businesses and consumers alike.

Operational Before Summer 2024: Deventer residents, commuters, and businesses can anticipate the station's full operation before the summer of 2024, providing convenient access to hydrogen fuel for their vehicles.

Prime Location: Strategically located in Deventer, the Netherlands, the FSS700/350 HDV is poised to serve as a critical hydrogen refueling hub in the region. This site is conveniently situated close to the A1, a major highway linking Amsterdam (AMS) to Hannover, further enhancing accessibility, and making it a vital waypoint for both local and long-distance hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles.

A Sustainable Future: This hydrogen refueling station stands as a testament to a cleaner and greener future, representing a significant step forward in the global transition to hydrogen as a clean energy source and transportation solution.

Contributing to a Greener Planet: As the world accelerates its transition to cleaner and more sustainable transportation options, the H2Refuel Public Station in Deventer will play a pivotal role in providing convenient access to hydrogen fuel, reducing carbon emissions, and contributing to a greener planet.

"We accelerate the energy transition by driving zero-emission mobility."

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