Hypion’s first scalable hydrogen-refuellingstation

Opening of the Hypion scalable heavy-duty hydrogen refueling station in Neumünster

Neumünster, Germany, December 8, 2023 -  Resato Hydrogen Technology proudly announces the opening of Hypion’s first scalable hydrogen refueling station specially optimized for heavy duty vehicles last week.

With its high capacity of 2,000 kg of hydrogen refueling per day at two 350 bar and one 700 bar dispensers and its geographical location on the BAB 7 motorway, the hydrogen filling station operated by Hypion is the first AFIR-compliant (Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation) hydrogen filling station in Europe and is now available for refueling trucks and cars.

Cutting-Edge Technology: The FSS 700/350 HDV represents a pioneering infrastructure project, harnessing Resato Hydrogen Technology's cutting-edge high-pressure compression technology.

Flexibility and Scalability: What sets this station apart is its flexibility and scalability. Thanks to its modular design, the station can easily adapt to evolving market demands by incorporating add-on modules, ensuring it remains a future-proof investment for businesses and consumers alike.

In Schleswig-Holstein this step marks a significant milestone for the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy. "I am delighted that Schleswig-Holstein is actively driving forward the urgently needed decarbonization of the transport sector. The construction of a hydrogen filling station of this size represents a technological innovation and also creates essential infrastructure for road freight transport, both regionally and nationally. Above all, this strengthens the business location, but also opens up more diverse options for private individuals to rely on green hydrogen as an environmentally friendly drive for mobility," said Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister President Daniel Günther.

The opening marks the achievement of an important goal for Hypion as the responsible operating company, as Managing Director Dr. Stefan Rehm emphasizes: "The hydrogen filling station that has now been opened is an example of consistent and targeted implementation of a hydrogen project and the decisive building block for the H2Hub Neumünster, which was founded in 2020. Pioneers of emission-free heavy goods transport have come together at an early stage to work together to create economically viable solutions for emission-free road freight transport."

Market environment

The mobility sector is responsible for around 20% of annual carbon emissions worldwide and hydrogen plays an important role in reducing these emissions. Heavy goods vehicles are particularly important in this respect. The provision of green hydrogen for use in the mobility sector, among others, is therefore a crucial building block for reducing carbon emissions. Overall systems with hydrogen production, transportation, distribution, and use must be developed as integrated hydrogen economies. Hypion is realizing this with its partners and the key project in Neumünster, the first AFIR-compliant hydrogen filling station in Europe.

 Hypion GmbH

Hypion is involved in building integrated green hydrogen economies to supply mobility, industry, buildings and the electricity market with clean energy. The sectors are thereby energetically coupled via sustainable hydrogen and a systematic linking of specific location factors. Already today, the economic use based on H2 as a material energy storage, energy carrier or basic material in the industrial sector can succeed. Hypion's core competence as a specialist for the green hydrogen economy today lies in implementation-oriented project engineering. To ensure the overall value chain, Hypion will actively participate in infrastructure investments.

Hypion is a young joint venture company of the engineering office IPP Projects GmbH, the development agency Region Heide AöR, EDF Deutschland GmbH and HanseWerk AG.


Resato Hydrogen Technology BV

Resato Hydrogen Technology is a Dutch and leading technology provider for hydrogen infrastructure. Our tank solutions for cars, trucks and buses with 350 or 700 bar, are based on more than 30 years of experience in high pressure technology. The compression of gases, under extreme conditions with up to 14,000 bar, is our daily business. With almost 30 public as well as private hydrogen refueling stations in Europe, we are a reliable partner for sustainable business, constantly evolving with the market and making solutions even better.

The ambition is to provide users with a flawless refueling experience and to lead the way as a sustainable company. Resato focused on sustainability, safety and efficiency as we move toward a greener future. Creating zero-emission mobility together.