Hydrogen refueling station in Alkmaar

NXT Mobility opens Resato-powered Hydrogen Hub, driving green mobility in Alkmaar, North-Holland

Alkmaar, January 23, 2024 – Resato Hydrogen Technology proudly celebrates the operational debut of NXT Mobility's groundbreaking hydrogen refueling station, positioned as a beacon of innovation within the De Boekelermeer business park near the A9 highway in the direction of Amsterdam.


Unveiling NXT Mobility's Hydrogen Station

Last Friday marked the grand opening of NXT Mobility's first hydrogen refueling station, strategically positioned for all hydrogen vehicles. This includes large vehicles like buses and trucks on 350 bar, and 700 bar for passenger cars. The station, operational 24/7, boasts a robust capacity of over 1000 kilos per day, ensuring a seamless experience for users.


The FSS 700/350 HDV

At the heart of this milestone is the FSS 700/350 HDV – a testament to Resato Hydrogen Technology's cutting-edge high-pressure compression technology. This infrastructure project not only redefines the landscape but also lays the groundwork for a sustainable future.


Flexibility Meets Scalability: A Station for the Future

What sets this station apart is its adaptability to market dynamics. With a modular design, it easily integrates add-on modules, ensuring it remains a forward-looking investment for businesses and consumers alike.


Stimulating Sustainable Mobility

Erik Metselaar, Director of NXT Mobility, highlights the significance: "The realization of this hydrogen location is a crucial step for NXT Mobility and our region. Despite the fact that there are many filling stations, the possibilities for filling up with hydrogen remain limited. This station opens new possibilities for our community."

Christiaan Peetoom, Alkmaar City Council Alderman for Mobility, adds, "This new filling station is an innovative leap for sustainable mobility. Alkmaar is proud to host the first hydrogen refueling station in our region, making driving on hydrogen a viable option."


Resato Hydrogen Technology BV: Pioneering Sustainable Infrastructure

As a Dutch industry leader, Resato Hydrogen Technology stands at the forefront of sustainable hydrogen infrastructure. With over 30 years of expertise in high-pressure technology, their tank solutions for cars, trucks, and buses at 350 or 700 bar reflect a commitment to excellence.

With over 30 public and private hydrogen refueling stations across Europe, Resato Hydrogen Technology is a reliable partner in fostering sustainable business practices. Their focus on sustainability, safety, and efficiency drives us toward a greener future, fostering zero-emission mobility.