KLaas steunebrink and Hendrik Hartlief

Resato Hydrogen Technology and Stevast Techniek Join Forces

Assen, Friday, February 2, 2024 - Thursday, February 1, marked the kickoff of the collaboration between Resato Hydrogen Technology and Stevast Techniek. The substantial growth of Resato, one of the market leaders in Europe in the field of hydrogen filling stations, has led to this exciting partnership with Stevast Techniek. Together, they are taking on the challenge of managing Resato's growth in terms of employees.

Gina Maring, HR Manager at Resato, shares her enthusiasm about the collaboration; 'This partnership is a great start, where we, in collaboration with Stevast, will set up an orientation program to support the growth of Resato Hydrogen Technology.'

Resato Academy

This kickoff not only signifies the beginning of this promising collaboration but also marks the commencement of a more significant goal; the Resato Academy. This Academy will focus on training and educating both current and new employees, creating a flourishing and specialized work environment.

"The Academy emphasizes the importance of 'lifelong learning' in our company. This enables us to continue differentiating ourselves in our dynamic sector," says Marit van Mil, Dean of the Resato Academy.

Stevast Techniek

Stevast Techniek is a specialist in technical services and engineering. Stevast Techniek will support Resato by deploying its own employees, recruiting new staff, and providing tailored onboarding processes, training, and location-specific training in Beilen. Additionally, with two workshops and extensive experience in machine construction, metal, and maintenance projects, Stevast Techniek can assist Resato Hydrogen Technology in performing sub-assembly.

By embracing innovation as a core value, Stevast Techniek continues to lead in the technological sector. "The synergy between Resato Hydrogen Technology and Stevast Techniek promises not only innovative solutions in hydrogen technology but also a sustainable investment in the development of craftsmanship within the industry. This collaboration underscores the commitment of both companies to sustainable growth, innovation, and greening of society and the future," says Stevast.

Resato Hydrogen Technology

Resato Hydrogen Technology is at the forefront of sustainable hydrogen infrastructure. With over 30 years of expertise in high-pressure technology, Resato provides hydrogen refueling solutions for cars, trucks, and buses at 350 or 700 bar.

With over 30 public and private hydrogen filling stations throughout Europe, Resato Hydrogen Technology is a reliable partner in promoting sustainable business. Their focus on sustainability, safety, and efficiency brings us closer to a greener future, encouraging emission-free driving.