Greenpoint opens its 3rd hydrogen refueling station in Oude-Tonge

Greenpoint opens its 3rd hydrogen refueling station in Oude-Tonge

Oude-Tonge, March 14, 2024 - Resato Hydrogen Technology proudly celebrates the opening of Greenpoint's third hydrogen refueling station yesterday on Tonisseweg in Oude-Tonge, Goeree-Overflakkee. This innovative station is the result of years of collaboration between the Van Peperstraten Group from Oude-Tonge and Van Kessel from Milheeze. Alderman Jaap Willem Eijkenduijn of the municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee, Energy Deputy Berend Potjer, and initiator Tonnie van Peperstraten performed the opening ceremony, including the first refueling.

Sustainable alternatives to diesel and gasoline

In 2019, the foundation stone of the Greenpoint station in Oude-Tonge was laid. From the beginning, it was clear that this would become a true 'Clean Energy Hub' with a wide range of sustainable and emission-free fuels. It already offered cleaner fuels such as HVO fossil-free diesel, CNG, and LNG, as well as a fast charger for electric vehicles.

Now, hydrogen is added to this list, making this station a full-fledged Clean Energy Hub. Dispensers (hydrogen pumps) are available for passenger cars, vans, trucks, and buses. The station is located in a central location in the municipality, at the junction of the N59 and N215 in Oude-Tonge.

The FSS 700/350 HDV

At the heart of this milestone is the FSS 700/350 HDV - a testament to Resato Hydrogen Technology's advanced high-pressure compression technology. This infrastructure project not only redefines the landscape but also lays the foundation for a sustainable future.

What sets this station apart is its adaptability to market dynamics. With a modular design, it easily integrates add-on modules, making it a progressive investment for both businesses and consumers.

Goeree-Overflakkee's hydrogen ambitions

The establishment of this hydrogen refueling station in Oude-Tonge is not without reason. This innovative station fits well with the plans and ambitions of the municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee, which has been pioneering sustainability for years.

Alderman Jaap Willem Eijkenduijn explains: "This hydrogen refueling station fits well with our plan to explore what green hydrogen can mean for the future of this island and indeed the whole of the Netherlands. With the H2GO program, we are the testing ground for the rest of the Netherlands. Because how can hydrogen help us to make our daily lives more sustainable? And how do we ensure a good connection to the national hydrogen network? With this refueling station, we are taking another great step towards a sustainable and innovative island."

An important support for this project comes from the Goeree-Overflakkee area program and the South Holland Delta region deal, which aims to improve living, working, and living conditions for residents and entrepreneurs. Energy Deputy Berend Potjer adds: "It's great to see how Goeree Overflakkee, as an Energy Island, is working hard to become a climate and energy-positive island. And it's especially innovative and pioneering that residents and entrepreneurs are taking this forward."

About Greenpoint

Greenpoint is an innovative refueling and charging concept that contributes to the energy transition goals of the Climate Agreement. Across logistical hubs throughout the Netherlands, we create Clean Energy Hubs with sustainable solutions such as fossil-free diesel, electric fast chargers, and green hydrogen. Oude-Tonge is the 3rd hydrogen refueling station of the Greenpoint group. They previously opened hydrogen refueling stations in Nieuwegein and Dordrecht.

About Resato Hydrogen Technology

As a Dutch market leader, Resato Hydrogen Technology is at the forefront of sustainable hydrogen infrastructure. With over 30 years of expertise in high-pressure technology, their refueling solutions for cars, trucks, and buses at 350 or 700 bar reflect a commitment to excellence.

With more than 50 public and private hydrogen refueling stations across Europe, Resato Hydrogen Technology is a reliable partner in advancing sustainable business. Their focus on sustainability, safety, and efficiency brings us closer to a greener future, promoting emission-free driving.