Successful Completion of First Training Groups at Stevast and Resato Hydrogen Technology

Assen, Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - The collaboration between Resato Hydrogen Technology and Stevast Techniek is yielding positive results with the successful completion of the first two training groups. Participants received certificates, confirming their competence for their new roles at Resato Hydrogen Technology. The collaboration has received positive feedback from both the training participants and executives at Resato. A Resato employee noted that the comprehensive training for new employees has resulted in more time for employees to focus on their work tasks, contributing to a calm and pleasant work atmosphere.

Gina Maring, HR Manager at Resato, shares her enthusiasm about the participants' performance and emphasizes the importance of the collaboration: "The success of the first two training groups demonstrates how effective our partnership with Stevast is in supporting the growth of Resato Hydrogen Technology. We are delighted to continue this positive momentum and invest further in our staff."

The collaboration with Stevast also marked the beginning of the Resato Academy. "The Resato Academy is an essential part of our commitment to continuous growth and development within the industry," says Marit van Mil, Dean of the Resato Academy. "We are determined to continuously support our employees in unlocking their full potential while leading the industry in hydrogen technology."

Stevast Techniek, renowned for its expertise in technical services and engineering, is a valuable partner for Resato. By offering tailor-made training programs, Stevast contributes to strengthening the skills of Resato's employees. Rutger Feijer, Training Manager at Stevast Techniek, proudly discusses the collaboration with Resato. "Stevast Techniek is pleased to shape and provide the Assembly (training) program as an external knowledge partner at our Training Center in Beilen," he notes. "With Resato Hydrogen Technology by our side, we form a powerful team."

The successful collaboration between Resato Hydrogen Technology and Stevast Techniek illustrates their joint commitment to innovation and sustainable growth, positioning them as leaders in sustainable technology.