Hypion Neumünster (DE)

Hypion’s first scalable hydrogen-refuellingstation

Hypion’s first scalable hydrogen-refuellingstation, specifically optimized for heavy vehicles.

Hypion Neumünster’s first scalable hydrogen-refuellingstation has a capacity of 2,000 kg hydrogen per day, due to two 350 bar dispensers and one 700 bar dispenser. And is located on the German A7 motorway. The scalable hydrogen-refuellingstation – managed by Hypion – is the first to fully comply with the AFIR-regulations in all of Europe. Now, we can proudly announce that the hydrogen-refuellingstation is open for cars as well as trucks.

Advanced technology: The FSS 700/350 HDV is a groundbreaking infrastructure project, which makes maximum use of Resato’s groundbreaking high-pressure hydrogen technology.

Flexibility and scalability: What makes this hydrogen-refuellingstation so unique is its flexibility and scalability. Thanks to its modular design, the station is capable of easily adapting to fast-changing needs in the market. This is due to the fact that additional modules are available, which make it a future-prove investment for companies as well as consumers.

Hypion GmbH

Hypion is involved in the construction of integrated green hydrogen-economies to provide sustainable energy to the mobility-, industrial-, building-, and electricity markets. Therefore, these sectors are connected via sustainable hydrogen and a systematically connection of specific locations. Today, hydrogen already has huge economical values as an energy storage, energy carrier and as a basic material in the industrial sector. Hypion’s core competence as a specialist for a green hydrogen economy lies in implementation-related project construction. To guarantee the entire value chain, Hypion will be actively involved in infrastructure investments.

Hypion is a joint venture between the construction company IPP Projects GmbH, the development agency Region Heide AöR, EDF Deutschland GmbH and HanseWerk AG.