Greenpoint Oude-Tonge (NL)

Greenpoint's Green Energy Hub in Oude-Tonge

Greenpoint completes its Green Energy Hub with hydrogen

Greenpoint completes its Green Energy Hub with hydrogen. The company offers an innovative refuelling concept which contributes to the energy transition and the climate agreement with its Green Energy Hubs. Distributed across multiple logistical junctions across the Netherlands, we realize green refuelling stations with sustainable solutions such as fossil-free diesel, fast-chargers and green hydrogen. Oude-Tonge is the third hydrogen-refuelling station, realised by the Greenpoint Group. Greenpoint has already realized hydrogen filling stations in Nieuwegein and Dordrecht.

Sustainable solutions for fossil fuels

In 2019, the foundation stone for the Clean Energy Hub in Oude-Tonge was laid. It was clear from the start that it would be a Clean Energy Hub with a diverse range of sustainable energies and emission-free fuels. The location even offers greener fuels such as HVO fossil-free diesel, CNG and LNG, as well as fast chargers for electric cars.

Greenpoint’s Green Energy Hub in Oude-Tonge is now complete thanks to the addition of hydrogen. The dispensers are now available for cars, as well es vans, trucks and busses. This Green Energy Hub is very centrally located, namely at the junction of the N59 and the N215 in Oude-Tonge.

The FSS 700/350 HDV

At the hearth of this milestone is the FSS 700/350 HDV – a testament to Resato Hydrogen Technology’s advanced high-pressure compression technology. This infrastructure project is not only revolutionary, but also lays a foundation stone for a sustainable future.

What sets this station apart is its adaptability to market dynamics. With a modular design, it can easily add modules, making it a progressive investment for both businesses and consumers.